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The Solutions section of our website explains the retrospective time based services that we provide in addition to Programme Development & Monitoring, for example:


• Forensic Delay Investigation and Analysis
• Event and Effect Schedules
• Surveys and Projections
• Sub-contractor Programme Evaluations
• Productivity/Incentive Schemes



Forensic Delay Investigation and Analysis:


We provide Forensic Delay Investigation & Analysis for extension of time/delay & disruption justification for the preparation of adjudication/litigation claims.  We have carried out this work for consultants, main contractors and sub-contractors.


Involving the creation of:


• Baseline Programmes
• As-built Schedules
• Impacted Programmes
• Charts and Histograms
• Time-slice Schedules

For the portrayal of:


• Disruption and lost productivity 
• Acceleration 
• Concurrent Delays
• Criticality
• Delay Apportionment 



We have the experience and expertise to analyse and evaluate from pre-construction through to commissioning completion.  We are the link between the hands-on and the legal aspects of dispute resolution and we have the capability to generate the necessary work products.  A number of associated examples can be viewed and downloaded from our Knowledge Management section.



Event and Effect Schedule:


This schedule automatically collates the costs from a series of individual event schedules and relates them to the specific affected areas of a project.  This particular example relates to 20 events and effects concerning a high-rise residential project.


An example of this schedule can be viewed and downloaded from our Knowledge Management



Surveys and Projections: 


We have the practical experience to survey the M&E building services progress performance of live projects. 


By looking at the critical installations we have the capability to assess the remaining workload in relation to the site conditions.  From these observations we produce a concise report containing a graphical representation of projected installation and commissioning completion.  We also include potential recovery measures without prejudice based on our assessment of the site conditions. 


We have fulfilled this undertaking on several projects including photographic comparisons over time. 



Sub-contractor Programme Evaluations:


Having produced a number of M&E sub-contractor programmes ourselves we know what works and what does not in relation to interfaces and resourcing.  We always make clear the key objectives and interfaces with others that sub-contractors need to identify in their contract/installation programmes.



Productivity/Incentive Schemes:


This is a service that we provide primarily for sub-contractors and have previously developed and implemented this in various forms on a number of projects.