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Programme Development



Our programme development process covers all stages of Project Life Cycle including: 


• Bid Programmes
• Tender/Contract Programmes
• Conventional CAD or 3D Drawing Programmes
• Procurement Programmes
• Main Construction Programmes
• Co-ordinated, Logic Linked, Labour Resourced and Cost Loaded Programmes
• Interface Milestone Programmes
• Refurbishment Programmes
• Critical Installation Programmes
• Commissioning Programmes
• Recovery/Acceleration Programmes
• Comparison/Projection Programmes
• Cause & Effect Programmes


We provide Site Logistical Appraisals and impact assessments of the interfaces with construction, finishes and M&E services.


Detailed pre-construction planning regarding mobilisation, drawing development, procurement and logistics is fundamental to the timescale of every project. 


We provide a fast response for bid programme development following receipt of stage D or E consultant's information.  Our Tender/Contract programmes contain key delivery milestones with regard to design parameters and installation interfaces.


A Trade Contract Programme progress report can be downloaded from our Knowledge Management section, and further pre-construction perspectives can be found in part 2 of our planning manual.


Our installation programmes contain the appropriate level of detail with versatility of presentation and progress monitoring requirements in mind.


We also develop comparison programmes associated with extension of time claims (described in more detail in our Solutions section).


The following programmes are available as downloads in the Knowledge Management section of our website:



High-Rise Shell & Core Commercial Building M&E Services Overview Programme – A M&E building services overview from the issue of tender information through pre-construction, installation & commissioning to project completion.  Portrayed as a one page presentation and supplemented with a schedule of comments and assumptions.



Plant and Switch Room Template Programmes – We have developed a series of template programmes for assistance and reference purposes with the development of a co-ordinated M&E services installation programme.  The template programmes provide examples of the installation criteria associated with high-rise projects and are supplemented with written definitions of each activity's predecessors and associated comments.


These templates are co-ordinated with the content of our planning manual.  



Progress Monitoring:


In addition to conventional progress monitoring and reporting we produce progress monitoring schedules that provide a clear representation of the project performance at a specified date.  Presented in a one page graphical format that can be readily appraised without the need for pages of supporting text.


Most of our progress schedules are formatted to provide a graphical portrayal of mass information.Following their initial development our progress monitoring schedules only require manual entry of the actual progress values to provide the planned and actual performance values for a given programme date.


As progress reporting values are usually subjective, our progress schedules contain weighting factors that ensure the disparity of the installation is taken into account.  Especially in disputes between project management and sub-contractors.  Our progress schedules ensure that an accurate level of progress reporting is maintained, alleviating the underestimation of outstanding work particularly as a project nears completion.


Our progress schedules encompass critical project areas such as riser installations and commissioning aspects.  In addition to this we have developed an Apartment Fit-Out progress monitoring schedule that provides a one page planned and actual performance appraisal of a high-rise residential project.


PDF Files and further details regarding the operation of our formatted progress schedules can be viewed in the Knowledge Management section of the website.  Microsoft Excel working examples can be freely downloaded and copied after creating a Login ID.


Benefits of incorporating our progress schedules as a supplement to progress monitoring procedures include: img5


• An instant one page graphical appraisal for senior management review
• Repetitive programme activities are replaced by summary bars
• A reduction in the number of programme activities
• Disclosure of sub-contractors procurement and resource failings that may otherwise go undetected
• Early identification of potential disruption to sub-contractors progress
• A visible time-slice performance appraisal is maintained
• Maintenance of accurate progress records
• Can be developed or customised for any specific requirements
• Microsoft Excel based - so will be familiar to many staff users
• Easy distribution either in Excel or pdf format
• More flexibility than traditional proprietary software
• Enhancements to presentation


Sub-contractors collaboration in the procedure application of the above could be stipulated at tender stage.